Leadership Development

What is leadership?

Scarabys defines leadership as the individuals, teams and organizations that work to address the problems in their community for the betterment of all, especially those who are often not heard or valued. Too often community leadership is defined/selected by outside forces. How is Scarabys’ leadership development model different?

  • Emphasizes identifying gifts and talents that already exist in the community
  • Creates safe spaces to nurture and develop existing gifts, talents and resources
  • Harness models and tools relevant and integral to the community
  • Realizes relationships are the core to community and leadership development
  • Utilizes processes that emphasize the dynamic and fluid nature of community engagement and development
  • Focuses on communities as living entities in constant change. We help communities realize and influence this reality in ways to create their desired future.
  • Cultivating leadership
  • Critical thinking and analysis
  • Systems thinking
  • Organizational culture as a tool to change the philosophical viewpoint

After developing social capital and community building, participants will learn how to empower individuals and communities to face challenges courageously and solve problems together. Through guided candid dialogue and providing space for individuals to talk about their shared experiences and facing collective challenges, projects and programs are birthed that utilize systems thinking to not only address these community challenges but also provide practice and learning opportunities for the community to actualize their collective agency. Scarabys is comprised of an inter-generational multi-ethnic team with experience ranging from newcomers to over 50 years of community building.

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