Social Capital Development & Community Building

What is social capital?

Scarabys defines social capital as the size and the depth of your social network. Put simply, it is who you know and who they know and the quality of these relationships. We realize that community is made of individuals and strengthened by our connections to each other. It is these deep relationships that actually define and determine sustainability. Scarabys believes that a people-oriented approach to addressing the challenges faced by communities is the best and most viable way of creating sustainable solutions. One of the tools used by Scarabys to increase your abilities to build social capital is the art of storytelling. Storytelling provides you the opportunity to share your narrative or your organization’s narrative allowing you to form deeper and more long-lasting connections with others. Participants will also strengthen measures for understanding, maintaining and growing their relationships with stakeholders, inviting them to be more invested.

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    Building social captial

    Identifying and maximizing existing relationships and expanding the social network

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    Deepening relationships

    Moving beyond first impressions, identifying strategic relationships to build stronger connections, exploring ways to work together

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    Workshop facilitation and convening

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    Storytelling to craft engaging narratives

After expanding and strengthening relationships, recognizing the gifts and contributions of each individual and placing people at the center of everything we do, how do we become community? It happens with intentionality and purpose. Through guided dialogue and community discussions, participants learn the art of transparency, balancing divergent interests and communication through conflict. We learn from each other and contribute to the collective intelligence of community through these dialogues. By providing a safe space to be vulnerable, participants learn to move from individuals with divergent interests to communities with shared vision. Participants will develop a new way of understanding their collective histories. This approach leads to individuals finding common values that will allow them to work together as community.

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    Open Space Technology

    Utilize the knowledge, skills, and experiences of those involved

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    Community engagement

    Research community history and understand its culture. Build, strengthen and establish community relationships through community forums, informal sit-downs, and attending community meetings. Create intentional and inviting community-centered events.

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    Youth engagement

    Utilize techniques that engage and empower youth. Demonstrate to youth how to engage and leverage voice in community. Generate reciprocal engagement.

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