Scarabys Consulting provides consultation and training in the areas social entrepreneurship and social capital to organizations, community, businesses and institutions. We apply contemporary knowledge and ancient wisdom to create solutions using social capital and social entrepreneurship.

We define social entrepreneurship as using existing resources to meet a community need (like food, education, etc.). We create opportunity by building relationships, building community and applying key skills in entrepreneurship, community organizing and leadership. Scarabys defines social capital as the extensiveness of your social network and quality of these relationships. Social capital in the form of strong relationships between people can lead to the sharing of resources, transforming of organization/community culture and can help organizations accomplish goals through greater teamwork.

Scarabys Consulting is a social enterprise of Kheprw Institute, an Indianapolis organization that works to educate and empower young leaders to become social entrepreneurs and critical thinkers. Since its founding 14 years ago Kheprw has launched 10 social enterprises and mentored over 50 young leaders. Kheprw decided to create Scarabys Consulting to enable us to share our depth of experience and impact a broader community.

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