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Drawing on over a hundred years of collective business, nonprofit and life experience we apply both contemporary knowledge
and ancient wisdom to empower your organization, business or project to reach the next level in the following areas:

Social Capital Development & Community Building

Community is made of individuals and strengthened by our connections to each other.  It is these deep relationships that actually define and determine sustainability.

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Leadership Development

The individuals, teams and organizations that work to address the problems in their community for the betterment of all, especially those who are often not heard or valued.

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Bootstrap Entrepreneurship

Starting from what we can do with the resources we have.

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System Thinking

Lions work together to help take care of their cubs and after a few weeks the pride will
teach the cub how to run, hunt for food and take care themselves.

Who We Serve

Scarabys provides consultation, coaching and expertise on a range of subjects. We focus on business start-ups, social entrepreneurs
and nonprofits looking to develop and launch innovative projects and programs. To learn more about our experience see our case studies.

Areas of Expertise

Social Entrepreneurship

Urban Food Systems

Youth Empowerment

Technology and Social Media

Community Development

Intergenerational Connections

Race & Equity

Environmental Advocacy

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